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Sterling is a team of HR Business Partners; helping small to medium sized companies with numerous HR initiatives but our niche is talent acquisition & management in two markets, the Telecom & Wireless industry along with the Banking & Accounting world.


         Our approach is simple; we handpick the best of talent available in the marketplace for our business partners.  Mastering the use of technology, understanding the idiosyncrasies of people then blending them together formulating creative solutions.  Solutions that influence the bottom-line generating revenue for our partners while at the same time building the career paths for our candidates, a "Win-Win" for all.  


  • 2015-06-28Engaging the employee


    Employee Engagement


    John Bain


       I made a commitment to myself to do 60 minutes at the fitness club three days a week. In the first few weeks I made it to the club twice a week and the workouts lasted about 45 minutes. And honestly, they were not too intense. But it was two days more of exercise than I was previously getting.


       Last week, as I was at the gym warming up, one of the fitness instructors came over and commented that my stretching, “…showed that I had good mobility, nice job!” Well, the encouragement motivated me to work harder that day, and for the next week.

       The next time I was at the club I approached the instructor and explained that the encouragement I had received really impacted me and I asked her to please keep it up. I could use all the reinforcement I can get. This morning the instructor arrived at the club as I was completing my one hour workout. She immediately asked how I was doing with my routine; more encouragement. It is amazing how much impact a word of encouragement can have on performance and on morale.

       As a manager, do you engage each of your employees as part of your daily routine? Is it in your DNA? Feedback is a gift. Communicate your expectations; provide proper training; conduct scheduled and unscheduled follow up feedback on goals and performance. Go find someone doing something right today. Your words of encouragement can make the difference between an unengaged employee and one who is fully involved and enthusiastic about their work.